「Measurements of Macro-scale properties and local electronic states on hyper-ordered materials」

Principal Investigator:
Takehiko Ishikawa
(JAXA, Professor, Thermophysical property measurements using microgravity)

Takayoshi Yokoya
(Okayama University, Professor, Simultaneous
measurements of atomic structure and electronic
states using photo electron holography)
Yusuke Hashimoto
(Nara Advanced Institute of Technology, Assistant professor, Development of hard X-ray photo electron holography)
Hirokazu Masai
(AIST, Measurement of physical properties of amorphous materials)

Tatsuya Mori
(Tsukuba University, Assistant professor, Measurement of dynamics in hyper-ordered structure)

Through the development of advanced photo electron holography, atomic structures and electronic states of hyper-ordered structures are simultaneously measured. Physical properties of glasses including their liquid states are measured using the state-of- the-art facilities.

Development of new analyzers for hard X-ray photo electron holography. Simultaneous measurements of atomic structure/electronic state by X-ray photo electron holography. Thermophysical property measurements of molten oxides using a containerless processing facility in the ISS. Physical property measurements on amorphous samples.

Measurements of hyper-ordered structure will be conducted on the samples provided from A01 group. Data systematically measured by A02-1 and A02-2 will be transferred to A03 group for further theoretical analyses.