「Development of Hyper-ordered Structures with Emergent Functionalities」

Principal Investigator:
Hiroki Taniguchi
(Associate Professor, Nagoya University, Dielectrics)

Yoshihiro Kubozono
(Professor, Okayama University, Super Conductors)
Kiyotaka Nakajima
(Associate Professor, Hokkaido University, Catalysts)
Hideaki Tanaka
(Associate Professor, Osaka University, Proteins)
Hiroaki Takeda
(Professor, Saitama University, Single Crystal Growth)
Tomoko Sato
(Associate Professor, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, High-pressure Experiments)

Synthesis, structural analyses, and elucidation of a structure-property relationship of hyper-ordered structures toward a development of emergent functionalities.

(1) Multi-tunable dielectrics with a variety of response properties for electric, optical, and mechanical stimuli. Dielectric materials for next-generation   capacitors of excellent reliability at high-temperatures.
(2) Novel Superconductors and electronic materials with unique electronic states.
(3) Excellent electron-transport properties functional catalysts and Metalloproteins.
(4) Materials and functionalities explorations for the targets (1) – (3) under high-pressures.

Providing high-quality single crystals to the A02 group, feeding back the obtained insights to the A03 group, and pushing practical applications with the A01-2 group.